Golden Bay/Mohua Affordable Housing Project

We have received a great opportunity to work on a housing project in the Tasman District focusing on affordable healthy homes for the pensioners. Drawing from our experience working with SIPS panels and high performance housing we have taken a series of our designs and adapted the homes to their needs. The result will be a dwelling that performs to high standards while functionally providing its occupants with a safe living environment. 

Chippendale Crescent Development

This project currently under construction takes development to the next level. Working with a prefab construction system from Formance we have designed a high performing development that is a first for Formance in New Zealand. The design is unique, the performance is exceptional and the finishing is above standard. The quality of construction and finishing will resonate through this site, providing a high performing dwelling in the multi unit space. To know more please make contact with us.

Mt Wellington Multi Unit Development

Murrays Bay Dwelling

Pacific Heights Development